August 29, 2022

Are you a New Brunswick-based NGO or charity looking to conduct work in collaborative environmental policy development? The Aster Foundation is awarding $10,000 worth of funding (1 project in the amount of $10,000 OR 2 projects in the amount of $5,000 each) to support a policy development project related to water, protected areas and biodiversity, and/or coastal protection. Interested? Read more here.


December 6, 2021

The Aster Foundation awarded its first ever charitable donation to EOS Eco-Energy in Sackville, for work they are undertaking on monitoring and maintenance of their green roof and three food forest projects. These projects were planted in summer of  2021 and the funding will be used to  assess the success of these initiatives. 

“We are thrilled to be giving this initial donation to EOS Eco-Energy to support their important community-based work in reducing and adapting to climate change,” announced Raissa Marks, chair of the Aster Foundation board of directors. “This is exactly why the Aster Foundation was created: to support strategic, high-impact projects that are under-funded or not typically funded by government funding programs.”

“We are very grateful for this gift from the Aster Foundation, and we are honoured to be the Foundation’s first ever recipient,” said Amanda Marlin, executive director of EOS Eco-Energy. “The funds will be used to monitor the green roof on Sackville’s Town Hall building and the food forests at Port Elgin Regional, Dorchester Consolidated, and Tantramar Regional High Schools. It will be used to cover staff time as well as the purchase of native grasses, flowers, and shrubs to fill gaps and add to the native plant diversity of the spaces.”

While this initial gift was rather modest, the Foundation hopes to increase the number and size of gifts in the future.  “We encourage anyone who has the means and who cares about the future of the planet to consider donating to the Aster Foundation. Your donations will be used to support strategic projects that might not otherwise be funded,” added Marks. Donations can be made below.

Aster Foundation launched an open call for proposals from registered charities in mid-October for projects addressing the theme: Nature + Climate Change. EOS Eco-Energy is being awarded $2,000.