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The Aster Foundation Inc. is an independent charitable foundation designed to support environmental protection, conservation, and stewardship projects.


A resilient, self-sufficient, and innovative environmental movement in New Brunswick and beyond.


To support environmental organizations in their essential work towards a healthier environment.

What We Fund

The Aster Foundation provides financial, strategic, and educational support to eligible organizations undertaking environmental protection, conservation, education, and stewardship projects.

We aim to support strategic, high-impact projects that are under-funded or not typically funded by government funding programs, and in areas that tend to receive less support from large grantmakers.

2022 call for proposals

The Aster Foundation is seeking proposals from NGOs and registered charities (or other qualified donees) in New Brunswick for projects addressing the theme: Collaborative Environmental Policy Development.

Funding available: $10,000
We will support 1 project in the amount of $10,000 OR 2 projects in the amount of $5,000 each.  

How to apply: Fill out this APPLICATION FORM and send it to info@asterfoundation.ca before 5:00 pm Atlantic Time on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.  

Supporting Collaborative Environmental Policy Development

The environmental movement in New Brunswick is very strong, with many players across the entire spectrum of issues. The movement is supported provincially by the NB Environmental Network, which has provided networking, collaborating, and engagement supports to the organizations. The individual organizations are generally well-funded for project work from water quality testing, to habitat restoration to climate change education (entire spectrum) through provincial funding programs such as the Environmental Trust Fund (over $8 million yearly, with over $5 million going to NGOs yearly over the last three years) and the Wildlife Trust Fund (approximately $600k yearly), as well as federal funding programs (Habitat Stewardship Fund, etc.), with some receiving grants from foundations as well. 

As a result of restrictions on gathering due to COVID-19, there has been a significant gap in the work that organizations have been able to do in terms of co-developing  policy strategies for specific areas. Although some organizations develop joint projects and strategies, and some attempts have been made in the past towards developing strategies to address specific issues, few strategies or policies have been developed recently that can be used across the environmental movement to guide advocacy, campaigns, or strategic actions.

Aster Foundation’s 2022 program will support organizations to formulate a strategy to influence policy work at the provincial or federal level. Aster Foundation’s 2022 program will provide funding to support organizations to strategically and collaboratively develop strategies to influence environmental policies that can guide organizational campaigns, collaborative campaigns, or policy debate in New Brunswick on focus areas that include:

1. Water

The federal government is implementing a Water Agency. New Brunswick has developed a water classification system and has funded organizations to monitor water quality and develop action plans. The NBEN has a watershed caucus which has a mandate to foster sustainable partnerships and build capacity for watershed groups across New Brunswick through effective networking and communication.

2. Protected areas & biodiversity

The federal government has a goal of protecting 30% of land and water by 2030, and to halt biodiversity loss by 2030. New Brunswick, while just recently establishing a set of new protected areas, is far behind even 10% protection of its landbase, and does not have a good track record on species-at-risk or biodiversity loss. There are many collaborative projects happening in the province (e.g., Healthy Coasts), which are carrying out ground work on communication, education, stakeholder engagement, and grassroots protection.

3. Coastal protection

The province’s coastlines are rich in biodiversity, acting as buffers for sea level rise and storm surges, and, at the same time, they are facing some of the greatest pressures through on-going development and mal adaptation. While NB has a Coastal Protection policy (no regulations) and  a flood risk reduction strategy, the opportunity to address sea level rise and storm surge threats while also protecting natural habitats is being missed, and policy action on the coast is dragging its feet.

Please note: In considering a proposal submission, the following should be incorporated:
1. We expect that proponent organizations will work collaboratively with other interested organizations to develop these policy documents/strategies. This could include in-person or virtual meetings. You will need to include the organizations you are planning to work with in your proposal.
2. We expect that proponents consider how they can support building bridges between NGOs and Indigenous rights holders to develop policies or strategies, where possible. You will need to outline how you will attempt this.
3. We expect organizations to incorporate climate change in their policy deliberations and resulting policy documents. You will need to include how you will do this in your proposal.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

We recognize and affirm that the land on which we work is the traditional and unceded territory of the Mi’Kamaq, Wəlastəkewiyik, and Peskotomuhkati who signed Peace and Friendship Treaties with the British Crown in the 1700s, treaties which endure to this day.

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The Aster Foundation Inc is a member of Environmental Funders Canada.

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